Your Legacy As A Leader Part 2: Affiliation

Last month we discussed the first of the 4 A’s, altruism, and the importance of being altruistic as a leader — working for the benefits of others rather than yourself. This month, we’re focusing on the second A, affiliation.

This word often brings to mind different things for different people. One might think of an actor that is affiliated with a clothing brand. Another might think of a university that is affiliated with a particular athlete or sports retailer. These bonds tend to be perceived as for monetary benefit and related to that celebrity or athlete’s affinity for the brand, but nothing much deeper than that.

What we’re talking about is much deeper than that. Affiliation is defined as “the state or relation of being closely associated or affiliated with a particular person, group, party, company, etc.” What we’re talking about when we refer to affiliation is the creation of deep bonds that are not easily altered or shattered. There is a big difference in a casual but distant relationship with one’s employees, and a closer professional relationship that exists through mutual respect, understanding, and compassion.

No matter how much revenue you bring an organization, you will be forgettable to your employees if you do not put an effort into forming strong bonds. Your legacy as a leader is much more than what Your legacy as a leader is much more than what you perceive it to be — truly, it lives and dies by what your employees perceive it to be, as they are the ones will be sharing and discussing it.

Do you spend enough time with your employees to have a legacy as a leader? Or will you begin to fade from employee’s minds the moment you retire or leave the organization? The bonds you have will build or break your legacy. Making the effort to form connections with your employees and colleagues will not only cement your legacy as a leader, it will help you becomea better leader as you learn the valuable lessons others have to share.

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