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Cal Carrera

Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach
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I have been a Senior Technology Executive with a record of achievement driving company growth through leadership in business creation, funding and sale; strategy development, product ideation, creation and launch, and high-performance organizational development.

I’m a quick study in new technology and a trusted advisor to businesses and governments around the globe. I’m a founder of three successful technology startups and manager of public and private technology companies in business-to-business, healthcare, and Federal marketplaces.

I have a history of service on Boards of Directors for public and private companies, non-profits, and public-private partnerships.

I have been an avid golfer and now I’m a pretty good amateur chef!

Cal Carrera, Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach

Q and A with Your ILEC Coach

I have read many of John Mattone’s books and I feel very aligned with his leadership and business culture concepts. I’d like to help other leaders develop their capabilities to create and lead successful organizations through John’s unique methodology.

I want to give my clients the best coaching to achieve a superior quality of leadership for their organizations. My success will be measured on how much they improve as leaders and how much their organizations improve their operations.

As COO of a healthcare clinical technology company, we revolutionized healthcare delivery to underserved populations throughout the state of California.

Marrying my wonderful wife, Gloria and raising an extraordinary daughter, Melinda.

(1) A passion for organizational success

(2) A passion for developing productive cultures within businesses that allow them to thrive and their employees to grow.

(3) I take on the most difficult problems and find creative solutions for them.

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