Introverts can become great leaders!

Operating with swagger, boldly barking out orders, and bossing people around may come second nature to a U.S. Marine Drill Sergeant, but these qualities don’t mean much in the business world of effective leadership.  Great leaders are not like this.  In fact, you can become a great leader even if you are an introvert!

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We master-certified coaches with Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC) work with all sorts of clients. Some are the heads of Fortune 1000 companies whose mere words can rattle the value of their stock price. Others are unassuming, fly-under-the-radar types. From one extreme to the other, they all have the capacity to be effective leaders. We’ve yet to encounter a client that we could not develop into a better executive leader – even the most introverted individuals. That is because true leadership springs from within. It’s a quality – a talent – a learned skill that can be improved under the guidance of a qualified executive coach.

Introverts already have an important leadership trait…


By their nature, introverts are both reflective and self-aware. They are thoughtful and tend to keep their emotions in check with ease. They are not ego-driven, nor do they seek the glory associated with individual accolades for their behavior and decisions. And that makes them vulnerable. Not vulnerable in a sense that they embody weakness – but vulnerable in their humbleness, modesty, and empathetic nature. They have the courage to be themselves while recognizing the value of others and their contributions. People appreciate vulnerability, and they are naturally attracted to the charisma of a self-assured leader. I coach that vulnerability is a necessity!  It’s Law #5 among the 50 Laws of Intelligent Leadership and Secret #2 in ILEC’s 7 Secrets of Intelligent Leadership.

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